Growing Tips

Fuchsias can be planted all year round. Plant them in a position that provides shade throughout most of the day, some morning sun is tolerable. They do not tolerate frost, so make sure they are placed in a well protected position, particularly during winter. If you are looking for a sun tolerant variety, our Fuchsia Charm Rose Purple bush is a good choice.

Prune in winter to achieve desired shape. Pruning varies depending on the growth habit of your Fuchsia. It is not advisable to cut the central main stem of upright specimens if you are trying to achieve height. 

To encourage more flowering. Pick off old flowers after they have started to senesce. Pick before the seed pod (see video).

They require a moist and well draining soil. We add washed sand and a water saturating crystals to our soil mix.

We fertilize the bushes with a seaweed based fertilizer once every fortnight. 

Our Fuchsias are ready to be plant out into your desired location. Trailing fuchsias are perfect for pots, hanging baskets and elevated segments of your garden that have a border such as a retaining wall. This allows the trailing branches to cascade down in order to achieve a wonderful display that fuchsias are renowned for. 

Below is an informative video for planting fuchsias: